UCLA Bruin Marching Band
Bruin Marching Band Motion Picture Appearances

The UCLA Bruin Marching Band either appeared on camera or contributed to the soundtrack for the following motion pictures.

Elmer Gantry (1960)
The UCLA Band appears prominently in several parade scenes in this movie starring Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons and Shirley Jones. This movie won three Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Lancaster and Best Supporting Actress for Jones.

Hello Dolly (1969)
The UCLA Band was prominently featured in a parade scene in this Academy Award winning film. Starring Barbra Streisand and Walter Matthau.

To Be or Not To Be (1983)
The Band appeared as the German Army goose-stepping through the streets of Warsaw, as Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft looked on, in this remake of the Jack Benny classic.

Iron Eagle (1986)
In the movie's final scene, the Band appears as a military band playing at the jubilant airport arrival of the film's heroes. That's Assistant director Jennifer Judkins conducting the Band.

Little Nikita (1988)
During the movie's opening parade scene, the Band supplied the soundtrack for the three bands which appear on-screen. Starring River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier.

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990)
At the movie's climatic outdoor party scene, the Band and Color Guard appear briefly in the background.

Fatal Instinct (1993)
During the courtroom scene, the Band's recording of "Mighty Bruins" is heard. The Band received a credit at the end of the film for this one.

In the Line of Fire (1993)
Clint Eastwood starred as a Secret Service agent protecting the President during campaign trips. During ten separate scenes in the movie, the Band can be heard supplying the soundtrack to "Hail to the Chief", "The Thunderer", "Sempre Fidelis", "Liberty Bell" and other original music by Gordon Henderson.

Legends of the Fall (1994)
Late in the movie, a town band is seen playing in a gazebo playing "The Glory of the Yankee Navy" just before the brothers (played by Aidan Quinn and Brad Pitt) meet each other in the company of their wives. The soundtrack was performed for this scene by the Band.

That Thing You Do (1996)
Several Band members appear as members of a salsa band in a talent show tryout early in this movie.

Jingle All the Way (1996)
At the beginning of the climatic parade scene, filmed at the Universal Studioes backlot, the Band is featured as the "All Santa Marching Band." That's Jeremy Wuertz's drumming which starts off the scene. The Pasadena City College Band also appears as the "Turbo Band". Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad starred in this one.

The Sixth Man (1997)
The Band is shown in the stands during several scenes of this movie about college basketball. The University of Washington Band also appears on screen several times.

A Bright Shining Lie (1998)
Bill Paxton stars in the HBO movie concerning the Vietnam War. The Band appears as the Marine Corps Band at a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery (actually filmed at the National Cemetery in Westwood). UCLA Drum Major Kevin McKeown has a closeup as the Marine Band Conductor, and trumpet Mike Gorham appears as the bugler.

The Waterboy (1998)
The Band percussion section is heard playing a cadence for this Adam Sandler movie.

The Out-of-Towners (1999)
Starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. Five members of the Band portraying the Ohio State University Marching Band, appear in an airport scene filmed here at LAX.

The Other Sister (1999)
The Band appears in several photos owned by one of the characters who is a big fan of marching bands.

Road Trip (2000)
The Band played the Ithaca University Alma Mater heard in the opening scene, reminiscent of the opening scene from "Animal House". The studio originally wanted to use the Band recording of "Hail to the Hills of Westwood", but permission was denied. Gordon Henderson composed an original alma mater and recorded it with the Band members late one night. The name of the group appears in the credits had to be changed to "Gordon Henderson and his Midnight Music Makers".

Don't Say A Word (2001)
The Band's percussion section can be heard playing their street cadence during a chase scene where Michael Douglas' car is blocked by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Pumpkin (2002)
Several members of the UCLA Band appear as a dance orchestra in the climactic ballroom scene at the end of the movie. Saxophonist David Brennan appears as the Conductor of the orchestra. Notice how the Trumpets and saxophones suddenly switch to playing violins! This has to be one of the worst movies ever made - maybe it will become a cult classic!

First Daughter (2004)
The Band is shown in two scenes shot on UCLA's campus: one for the arrival of the President's daughter on campus, and the other for a bonfire rally at night. UCLA Drum Major Jay Dillon is shown conducting the Band. The Band also recorded "Hail to the Chief" and "Knights Ow!" for the movie's soundtrack. Katie Holmes played the title role and Micheal Keaton played the President. The film was directed by Forrest Whitaker.

Click (2006)
Early in the movie, the Band's recording of the Offspring's "Come Out and Play" is heard in the background of a scene of an outdoor swim meet.

Gridiron Gang (2006)
The Band's percussion section can be heard in the background performing its famous "Fried Chicken" cadence. This movie, starring The Rock, was released during the Fall of 2006.

500 Days of Summer (2009)
Twenty members of the Band appeared in a parade sequence featuring one of the film's stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy in the hit TV series "Third Rock from the Sun").

Other Movies:
The UCLA Band has appeared in numerous other movies over the years, as far back as the 1920s! If any band alumnus has recollections of these, please e-mail Gordon Henderson at gh@ucla.edu.

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